Organise literature like never before with the industry-leading Pinpoint™ Product Literature Database system

Add value to your business with Pi2 Product Literature Database system Pi2 PinPoint

  • More powerful than any other literature system
    • Using tailored, flexible searches specific to your needs
    • Intuitive and user-friendly for end-users
  • No effort to deploy, affordable, easy to manage
  • Adds efficiency to library and its customers’ desktops
  • Extraordinary flexibility of outputs, analysis, reports
  • Integrates with departmental systems and links to related documents like no other tool

PinPoint™ Reduces time searching, increases access and usability of literature

  • Reduces time searching, increases access and usability of literature
  • Simply the best Product Literature Database system available
  • Saves users throughout the organisation creating their own literature databases
  • Low cost and low burden of ownership for client
  • Software, hosting, data – Pi2 can provide it all
  • A-Z service or just outsource the pieces you wish to outsource

Pi2's Product Literature Databases Solutions

Understanding the challenges of Product Literature Databases

Pi2 have unrivalled experience in designing, developing and maintaining Product Literature Databases (PLD). This has been accomplished through extensive partnership since Pi2’s first PLD in 2003, with both the owner/administrators of PLD's and their end-users. The Pi2 team understands the different uses to which literature is put by different user types and can tailor their applications to address specific departmental needs.

The need for a professional PLD

A good Product Literature Database can address a number of typical and undesirable consequences that may arise in the absence of a good PLD. Often information users search resources such as internet sites and mainstream biomedical databases in an ad hoc and inadequate manner, introducing a lack of precision into the search process, missing key information and wasting time sifting unnecessary references. Inefficiencies are created through multiple affiliates and departments repeating similar search literature tasks, sometimes creating their own local solutions. Significant efficiencies can be achieved by introducing a capable, central PLD, tailored specifically to the needs of diverse user groups.

Tuning the PLD to Users’ workflow

At the start of every project we survey your users' needs to identify the “angle” that your users find important when searching product literature. From this we develop a document capture policy and keyword indexing policy unique to your company. This results in high usage, cost-efficiency and user-effectiveness in carrying out their key tasks.

Related resources

We know our users do not rely on product literature alone - they often need access to diverse information sources to complete tasks closely related to product literature. From our experience, these “Related Resources” are often in a number of different locations, often not instantly accessible to the user and disconnected from each other.

To address this, these important and frequently referred-to documents are linked to corresponding bibliographic references by the Pi2 PLD system, seamlessly connecting documents and related references. This is particularly useful when considering company documents which cite important articles that you would expect to find in your PLD. Bibliographic lists can be output by the system for example, for product monographs, medical letters, clinical studies.

The Complete Solution

Pi2 is organised to provide an A-Z suite of services around your product Literature Database or just the part you would like to outsource. We can supply both the data and the interface to intelligently search information. This comes without the burden of ownership often associated with product literature database systems – Pi2 takes care of that.Article identification

  • Article acquisition
  • Database record creation
  • Keyword indexing
  • Daily/weekly data upload
  • Search Interface with extensive functionality
  • Hosting and management of interface
  • Routine system enhancements and upgrades
  • Consultancy
  • Data conversion (for pre-existing data)
  • Customization of standard Pi2 PLD
  • Specialist modules - Application development to meet needs of specific user groups

The Pi2 user-centred approach and ability to provide a complete product literature solution are unique in the industry. Owning a state-of-the-art product literature database has never been easier or more cost-effective, whether you are looking at installing a PLD for the first time or have an established PLD system in need of modernisation and legacy data conversion.


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