Drug Safety

Understanding the importance of Drug Safety Screening and the Pharmacovigilance function.

Pi2’s Drug Safety Triager™- streamlines the literature elements of drug safety review:


Key Features:

  • Single search strategy – virtually no maintenance, easy to add/remove compounds
  • Automatic scheduled import of references to the user interface allowing immediate review in the morning
  • Duplicate references for different products are eliminated - removing the necessity to re-review the same article numberous times
  • User notification emails for references awaiting review -– a log tells users how long the items have been waiting and email Alerts can be set to flag items overdue for review
  • Credentials of User are automatically checked, system checks them in, stamps their ID, time and date
  • Users are only presented with references for the drugs or therapy areas for which they are responsible
  • Users have a number of display options for references  with “Not yet reviewed” as default setting
  • Users can review references based on citation, citation and abstract or full-text, with the latter interfacing with library holdings or a document delivery system
  • Full-text can be ordered in a fully automated way: ordering, fulfilment, naming, storing, linking to reference and arrival notification are all done without human intervention
  • Reference annotation is done using drop-down controlled terms in order of the most frequently used terms
  • Annotations can be tracked in a “history” for audit and compliance purposes. Free text notes can also be added

Contact Pi2 for a demonstration of the Pi2’s Drug Safety Triager™ system.


Eliminate the management of alerts

Review literature only once for multiple types of reporting (ICSR, Signals, Aggregate Reports)

Automated annotation & audit trail

Eliminate duplicate references for different products

Streamline document ordering, naming, linking

No more copying, pasting or reformatting references for reports

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